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Posted September 16th 2014

Got a cool mention from the other day from the bourbon and branch show we opened up for...

Photo by Wendy McCardle

Also we've got some shows coming up... Next week on the 25th we'll be in New Hope at John & Peter's then on the 26th we'll be back in Philly upstairs at Dobbs.

- Cam

It's been awhile

Posted February 6th 2014

I know it's been some time since we put anything up on here... it's been a pretty crazy few months and we've all been busy.  However, we are getting really close to being done with our third album... and we're pretty excited about it.  The goal is to release it by the end of March.   I know I've basically never met any of these goals I set for myself but this time I have a good feeling about it.   Oh also we're playing Dobbs March 14th.  

- Cam

Hey we did an interview.

Posted July 24th 2013

Well we did an interview with Phillys own Unclaimed Bands.  We answered all the hard hitting questions that everybody wants to know so check it out.... you can listen to it here. 

- Cam

NYC Tonight, Cambridge Saturday

Posted June 6th 2013

Got some bad news, our Providence show on Friday was canceled.... we're bummed but we'll be at Left Field Bar in Manhattan tonight and The Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA on Saturday.   So all you providence people cruise on up to Cambridge and catch the show.   It's going to be a good one, we're playing with our good buddies and fellow Clarkies The G-Spots and we're also bringing out buddies from philly, St. James & The Apostles, with us.   It's going to get wild.

- Cam

Check it out

Posted May 7th 2013

For those of you who missed us at Johnny Brenda's a few weeks back...

- Cam


Posted May 3rd 2013

Hey we've got some shows coming up... so wander over to our shows page and check it out...

For now here's a show movie we made about a mini tour we did a few months back:




- Cam

CD donations to Free Library!

Posted April 23rd 2013

We played one of our best shows recently at Johnny Brenda's and inspired by the love for our city and supporters we decided we would donate our CD proceeds to one of Philadelphia's great institutions, The Free Library!  Here is the tax letter, as promised, to prove we made good on our pledge...Now that you see what nice guys we are you should come to all of our shows and buy all of our pressure. 

- Jeff


Posted March 31st 2013

Hey guys we're playing Johnny Brenda's this Saturday with St. James & The Apostles, The GTVs and The Original Sins... it's going to be epic so come on out.   The show starts at 9pm and it's a $10 cover. 

Here's a little unplugged session we did the other night:


- Cam


Posted March 19th 2013

Hey just a update on the shows we'll be playing in the near future... this friday we'll be in Allentown with our buddies St. James & The Apostles @ the Soft Machine Gallery.  The very next day we'll playing with them again in Hudson, NY @ Hangrr 18 but this time around our other buddies TheMuffinManisABand will be joining in on the fun as well.   It's going to be a fun couple of shows so come on out if you're looking for a good time.  

After this little excursion we'll be laying low for a bit but then.... WE'RE PLAYING JOHNNY BRENDA'S!   

- Cam

Brooklyn Canceled... but...

Posted February 27th 2013

Well our Brooklyn gig for March 22nd was canceled but the good news is we're playing Hudson, NY March 23rd with our buddies St. James & The Apostles and TheMuffinManIsABand.

- Cam

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